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Gil Garden Avetrani News & Updates 2016-12-02T07:04:06+00:00

Gil Garden Avetrani News & Updates

Why You Need Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber hacking is big business, and no one is safe. Not individuals, not small businesses and not large corporations. All of your data including the names of your customers, their contact  information and the social [...]

Construction Insurance for 3 Common Contractor Claims

A new construction job is money in the bank! It is work for you, your employees, and maybe a few trusted contractors. Unfortunately, there's always the chance something could go wrong. Construction defects, project delays, [...]

Does my business need terrorism insurance?

Terrorism insurance is offered separately or as a special addition—called an “endorsement” or “rider”—to your standard commercial property insurance policy. A standard business policy alone will not cover losses caused by terrorism. Terrorism coverage is a public/private [...]

Reducing risks to your business vehicles

Whether you own or lease a single business car or an entire fleet of commercial vehicles, you’ll need to purchase commercial auto insurance. Your insurance professional can help you weigh your risks and evaluate coverage [...]

New AIA terms for insurance in construction contracts

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) publishes perhaps the most widely used contract forms in the construction industry. In April 2017, AIA released an update to its main set of general conditions between owner and [...]