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Why You Need Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber hacking is big business, and no one is safe. Not individuals, not small businesses and not large corporations. All of your data including the names of your customers, their contact  information and the social security numbers of your employees are valuable information to a cyber-hacker. Unfortunately, your business and standard property insurance does not [...]

Construction Insurance for 3 Common Contractor Claims

A new construction job is money in the bank! It is work for you, your employees, and maybe a few trusted contractors. Unfortunately, there's always the chance something could go wrong. Construction defects, project delays, and stolen equipment can trigger major lawsuits. Here's how your construction businesses can manage these risks with insurance and help [...]

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Does my business need terrorism insurance?

Terrorism insurance is offered separately or as a special addition—called an “endorsement” or “rider”—to your standard commercial property insurance policy. A standard business policy alone will not cover losses caused by terrorism. Terrorism coverage is a public/private risk-sharing partnership that allows the federal government and the insurance industry to share losses in the event of a major [...]

Reducing risks to your business vehicles

Whether you own or lease a single business car or an entire fleet of commercial vehicles, you’ll need to purchase commercial auto insurance. Your insurance professional can help you weigh your risks and evaluate coverage options. But even with insurance in place, you’ll want to take steps to prevent accidents and protect your employees and [...]

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New AIA terms for insurance in construction contracts

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) publishes perhaps the most widely used contract forms in the construction industry. In April 2017, AIA released an update to its main set of general conditions between owner and contractor. The previous update was in 2007. This article will address only the insurance terms in the 2017 conditions. The [...]

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What Is Builder’s Risk Insurance – The Basics

Builder's risk insurance is a special type of property insurance which indemnifies against damage to buildings while they are under construction. Builder's risk insurance is "coverage that protects a person's or organization's insurable interest in materials, fixtures and/or equipment being used in the construction or renovation of a building or structure should those items sustain physical loss or [...]

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What trends are impacting construction insurance?

The US construction industry experienced an optimistic 2016 with modest, steady growth across all sectors. Despite seasonal swings and uncertainty in the potential impact of regulatory and legislative changes, US construction continues its gradual progress forward according to JLL’s Q4 2016 US Construction Outlook report. Economists predict that the construction industry will grow approximately 5% [...]