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Gil Garden Avetrani Knows Construction Insurance
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Cyber Security Insurance
Construction Insurance
Ports & Marine Insurance
COA & HOA Insurance
Commercial Vehicle Insurance
Yacht & Vessel Insurance
Drone Robotics Insurance
Aircraft Aviation Insurance
Hospitality Insurance
Hospitals Insurance
Restaurant Insurance
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Gil Garden Avetrani Insurance Group

Gil, Garden, Avetrani Insurance Group (GGAIG) is located in the hart of Miami Dade County (Metropolitan Miami), Florida with the capability to service the the entire United States, Central and South America including the Caribbean. We can provide access to insurance products from the global market world wide.

Gil, Garden, Avetrani Insurance Group offers over 35 years experience in multiple insurance markets, including the Marine Insurance Industry providing comprehensive coverage specifically designed for International Trade and Shipping Companies.

GGAIG offers specialty designed solutions for the Construction Industry with an emphasis on large General Contractors and Sub-Contractors.

Gil, Garden, Avetrani Insurance Group also has the STAR PROGRAM (Short Term Auto Rental) which is a complete insurance program for Auto Rental Companies.

What to find a solution specifically tailored to your business? Just call or contact us. We are easy to work with and very responsible for your exact needs.

Ask A GGA Insurance Expert

Do you know what your real insurance coverage is?

When is the last time you audited and analyzed your policies and explored you real risks?

Most businesses have questions & concerns about their insurance needs. Gil, Garden, Avetrani are the experts that you need to explore your coverage needs and identify your policy gaps. Please contact us to arrange a export analysis of your current plans.

Today’s Criminals Are Online And Looking For Victims!

Gil Garden Avetrani offers your business the security of knowing your business is protected when the inevitable happens!

We Offer Coverage For:

  • Cyber Intrusions
  • Extorsionware
  • Hacking
  • Data Loss
  • Online Fraud
  • More …

Can Your Business Afford To Be Unprotected?

You have your IT Professional to help your business stay safe!

But as we see almost daily, even major corporations have risks. For small and medium-sized businesses a substantial Cyber Attack can shut your company down. Additionally, Cyber Threats can mean governmental and regulatory involvement that can be massively costly.

Let Gil Garden Avetrani Help You With The Right Coverage For Your Needs!